I’m getting to grips with a bit of Java syntax now. I think it will be slow going but I will get there. With PHP however it seems that it is very easy. There is a lot of Lua like stuff in there so I enjoy PHP a lot more, and it has database stuff also… yummy!

My classes went pretty well today. In Web App Dev we messed about with wordPress (yawn) and in business App Dev we had a client come in and tell us what he wants his application to do and look like. f course he wants it to do everything you could possibly imagine… and more!

After he left my team (yes… another team project at fucking EIT) had a meeting where mostly everyone just agreed with me and did very little. Maybe they just agree with my views or maybe they are just lazy. Time is gonna tell eh? 😉


Today I just had one class… Advanced Object Oriented Programming lab. It was not overly bad but stupid old NetBeans wouldn’t work correctly on my computer and I made the tutor upset when I said “I’m not using that crap” when he requested that I use one of the schools computers LOL.

I mean to say… these bozos block my ability to use Team Viewer from their shitty computers and then when something isn’t working on my computer… they don’t fix the issue… they demand I use their ones! I ask you… grrr 😀

So contrary to popular belief there at EIT, I hurriedly got Maven and Java working in Visual Studio Code and I hope it continues to work, because it is just so superior to NetBeans, and IDE that was probably pretty darn cool back in the 1990’s but it is now very dated.

After doing all of that, I caught up and took over from where the rest of the class was at on the programming side of things. Visual Studio Code is just pretty good in that it allows you to work smarter and faster!

Anyhoo, our class has some lab stuff to catch up on because we are still behind because of the muck with the computers not having the software installed last week. I’m sure I’ll be up to speed with Java soon… although I really don’t like it as much as JavaScript or PHP. And… I haven’t even started coding in PHP yet heheheh 😀

Poopey Doopey

Well today was an interesting if not somewhat shitty day at school today. My classes were pretty good but in Advanced OOP the tutor didn’t manage to get everything covered. After two weeks we are now basically one and a half lessons behind. I hope that we don’t just keep falling behind and end up not getting all of the tutoring that we need to successfully compete the paper. I did learn a bunch of stuff about Java today though so that’s got to be a plus.

Web App Development class was pretty good and I’m feeling confident that I’m going to quite to get to like PHP and MySQL. Better yet is that all of the stuff I learn in that class is directly applicable to Business App Programming which is going to need a cloud based solution… using PHP and MySQL 🙂

The shit part of the day was having the school of computings security expert (and teacher of all things security there) tell me that they would not be reinstating Team Viewer access, which they have this year disabled because of some security concern that has no bearing on their IT infrastructure. Having him talk down to me like I’m some sort of imbecile was also not pleasant at all. They have gone overboard and it’s a bit like the stupid morons who won’t go into a Chinese restaurant because they think they might catch the Coronavirus. Fucking morons!

Anyhoo, as we all know.. there are a lot of stupid people making a lot of stupid policy and the security expert is one of them. Just keep the old adage in mind… “Those who cannot do, teach” LOL

Home! we are finally home from our little weekend break in Wellington. It is times like this that I really appreciate being home… where I have internet access pretty much 24/7 and am able to make blog posts and actually get some stuff done, be it school or personal stuff!

I’m happy!

Well I’m not that happy because our silly car is running very hot. We drove from Wellington to Hastings (310KM) with the heater on and the windows down. Man… it was still fucking hot in the car but at least the engine didn’t explode or anything. Unfortunately we are going to have to get the car looked at so yeah… kiss goodbye to another $1,000 I suppose 😦

Right.. bedtime… school tomorrow. Our regular crazy blog postings shall resume tomorrow 😉


If you were wondering what happened to last evenings blog post… there wasn’t one! I totally forgot to post so please accept my apologies my good readers 🙂

Just to add to that… I also had this post ready to go and then forgot to send it! We went out for Sophie’s birthday dinner and didn;t get back till late. All I could think about after that was… sleeeep 😉

After school yesterday we pretty much left as soon as I got home, and drove to Petone to visit Sophie and Aaron for Sophie’s birthday. It was kind of late when we arrived and we ate and then caught up with them for the evening.

Today Sophie and Claire went op shopping in town and I got to mess about a little on my laptop. I also then drove through Petone and parked up on the foreshore and began reading “The Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers”, the book recommended that we read (and discuss in class) in my Business Application Programming paper.

So far I have discovered from the book that I am not a professional. According to the author a professional must know many things…

  • Design patterns. You ought to be able to describe all 24 patterns in the GOF book
    and have a working knowledge of many of the patterns in the POSA books.
  • Design principles. You should know the SOLID principles and have a good
    understanding of the component principles.
  • Methods. You should understand XP, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Waterfall,
    Structured Analysis, and Structured Design.
  • Disciplines. You should practice TDD, Object-Oriented design, Structured
    Programming, Continuous Integration, and Pair Programming.
  • Artifacts: You should know how to use: UML, DFDs, Structure Charts, Petri
    Nets, State Transition Diagrams and Tables, flow charts, and decision tables.

Oh well, I think currently that I’m okay with not being a professional, just as long as I’m the best programmer I can be.. I think that will suffice 😉

Good News / Bad News

I got a reply from PolyTech regarding the muck up with the class that didn’t have the correct programs installed on the computers. The class will be moved to one of the labs that has everything required. Hooray!

However, I was in one of those labs today and I was unable to remote into my computer at home using Team Viewer. I asked the tech guy and he said Team Viewer was no longer permitted. Oh for fucks sake! He didn’t know why it was no longer allowed when I asked but he said he would talk with somebody who would know and then he would let me know… and he would also advocate on my behalf to get Team Viewer allowed once again.

For the life of me I cannot fathom why these numb nut mother fuckers would forbid such a useful technology! I really don’t want to have to lug my new large heavy laptop all over campus but it might be the case. Damn!

Tomorrow I will take my large heavy laptop with me for a test run.. well not really a run.. more a drag LOL.


Last evening I said I was feeling confident that Advanced Object Oriented Programming was looking good this year. Well I’d like to reverse my stance and say that I am not overly confident anymore.

Today was the first lab session where we get to actually do some coding alongside the tutor. This was all very well until we discovered that the computers in that room don’t have Java (the language we are learning) or Netbeans (the IDE we are using) installed.

Pretty much the entire two hours was taken up with the tutor trying in vain to get these things downloaded and installed onto the computers. Basically it all failed miserably. Even better is the fact that these machines are imaged so every time they are rebooted… any changes made during the last session are lost forever LOL.

The tutor is now expecting everyone to bring their own computers with the software installed for the next lab. I find this kind of outrageous as they should be providing computers with the tools to learn installed.

I talked to another tutor and he basically said that the computers aren’t theirs and they cannot do anything about it! What a fucking cop out!

So I have written an email to the head of the computing school at EIT and asked if he is able to sort this stupid situation out.

At the end of the day the entire lab was wasted fucking about with pointless shit and now the class is behind by two hours. grrr, sometimes I get really annoyed with incompetent people, especially when they are supposed to be professionals!