Nah Uh

All of the things I was going to do today did not get done. Instead we messed about for the morning and then went up to Napier to pickup a pillow that Claire purchased on trademe. We then went for coffee and walked on the foreshore. It was very pleasant and much nicer than doing chores πŸ˜‰

However the chores still remain so they will get done tomorrow maybe, because Claire thinks it might be a nice day for a bicycle ride. We shall see πŸ™‚

I polished web pages on the new site this morning and am starting to attempt to add the silly slider bar donation system that everybody in the Gideros community seems to love so much. Personally I don’t care for it at all and would like just a box where you can put an amount.. and donate that. Oh the people πŸ˜€


It took how long?

I spent pretty much all of today pulling everything out of the garden shed and then putting it back in. As well as all of the current stuff in there I have been putting stuff from inside in there too, namely tools and paint. I didn’t even manage to get it all done but tomorrow I’ll finish that task off.

The main reason I am doing this (well it needs doing anyway) is that we have been bringing stuff back from Kapiti and the hallway was getting blocked with junk heheh. So now I am almost at the point where I can access the remaining decking timber so I can finish the deck.

My arm is still f**ked and I had a MRI scan on it in December. Next month I go back to see a specialist to see what can be done. There’s a procedure called an acromioplasty where the surgeon removes a small piece of the surface of the bone (acromion) that is in contact with a tendon causing, by friction, damage to the tendon. The last person I spoke to said it was not often successful but after six or so years of this condition I think I’m ready to try anything. Successive steroid injections haven;t worked and either has Physiotherapy so let’s cut me open and fiddle with the bits inside please πŸ˜€

In the meanwhile my doctor has prescribed me lots of drugs (just Diclofenac, an anti inflammatory and pain killer) so I’ve been taking those every day and my arm feels like it’s all good to do some more renovations so let’s get into it πŸ™‚

All Lua’d Out!

I spent today working on the Guide and Download pages of the website. The Downloads page is getting there and the Guide page has become much nicer. I’ve created an entire section in there called “A Crash Course In Lua” and its a pretty good lesson on what Lua does and how it does it. It the reader has a little programming knowledge, I am confident that they will pick it up pretty quickly.

That is pretty much all I did today and I’ve totally had enough Lua for now, good evening πŸ˜‰

Happy Birthday

Sophie! It is Sophie’s birthday today so we went out for dinner. The wine was really fantastic and the food was good too, except my Steak which was not cooked correctly. Oh well, it was still a good evening πŸ™‚

I really started refining the download and guide pages on the new website today and think I’m heading in the right direction with them. The download page however doesn’t look like it has much content however because the content is hidden inside acordions. I suppose there is some way to jazz it up, we’ll see.

As well as getting more actual content created I revamped some JavaScript in most of the pages so the resizing works correctly.

That’s about it, so that’s a wrap for today! MaΓ±ana πŸ™‚


Well dear readers I might just try and give you a little roundup on how our tradesman battles are progressing.

The kitchen people installed our kitchen and we were happy until we discovered our pots would not fit in the purpose made pot draw. On measuring it, it was 100mm smaller than the one we had signed off on. This is quite annoying because when you sign the document it clearly says “No changes to be made after sign off”. After a long time we got the owner of the kitchen company to visit. He seemed to take it all in his stride and is willing to put everything right at his expense.

There are quite a few things that need to happen to rectify this situation…

  • The entire floor needs to be ripped up and a new one laid.
  • The shelves above the bench all have to be thrown away and remade.
  • A good portion of the bench top needs to be thrown away and remade.
  • Some electrics need to move 100mm and the holes where they were repaired.
  • Some plumbing also has to move 100mm and the holes repaired.
  • The drawers in question need to be thrown away and remade.
  • Other things need to be thrown away or cut down.

So you can see there is a giant amount of waste being produced, not to mention the upheaval of having the actual work carried out.

So we came up with another solution. The kitchen company fixes the shelves that were badly made from the start, and we accept a payment to keep the kitchen as is.

To us this is a good solution mostly because we are quite green and hate to see such waste. We feel that this is a good solution for the kitchen company because they don’t have to pay as much to us as they would have to pay to have the work carried out. Their employees can also be better put to use on other jobs than demolishing our kitchen πŸ™‚

The owner said he would think on this and get back to us the next day but it has been a week and one day now without a reply. I’ll send him an email tomorrow and see what he thinks.

Then there is the total fiasco with the electrician we hired to do our electrics.. but that’s a story for another day, good evening;)

It’s Good To Be Back!

Yep we are back in Hawkes Bay. After saying our goodbyes in Kapiti we headed home and man it is just so warm here! Not long after arriving home we got a call from our best friends here in Hawkes Bay, Fiona and Walt. They have suffered a tragic loss in their family, and our thought are with them. It’s all a bit sad here right now and they will need to head north in the near future so we will go and house sit for them and take care of their dog Buzz.

So yeah a bummer all round really, nobody likes tragic news like that 😦

I did work a little in the website upgrade this evening whilst trying to not remember how bloody hot it is right now! I started work on the “Guide” or “Getting Started” page which will guide the reader (could you guess that already?) through the process of installing Gideros, installing the player on their device, writing some Lua code, testing it on their device in the player, and finally exporting it into a finished application that can be installed on their device (which basically means runs on their device without the player).

Phew! That’s going to be a really long road I feel and I’m going to see if I can get some assistance from other Gideros community members. I’m totally not going to hold my breath there though πŸ˜‰

Oh hey.. I forgot it was Sunday yesterday. but better a day late than never right? (yeah that’s a pun since this god thing has and will never turn up LOL)…



We have collected most of the remaining things we had at the house in Kapiti today. Then we moved north to Waikanae to see our friends who are over from Australia for a week or so. It’s food to catch up (and eat too much of course) πŸ˜‰

I attempted to get two rows working in the API Reference but that didn’t work out at all. I have the event stuff working and won’t pursue the double row thing now. As far as I am concerned the API Reference is done. I also started fleshing out the downloads page and to a lesser extent the tutorials page. These are going to take a little time to get them really looking good.

So there isn’t too much else to report for today but I have been thinking about more games to feature in my book πŸ™‚