Being Monday a lot of the day was taken up with coffee group. We had a really good chat to everyone today and especially to our friend Jeanette about her dead iPad saga. As it transpires the goofy muppets at crApple had sent the box to the incorrect address so today they created an entirely new job and hopefully another box will arrive this week and the iPad will finally be on the way to the service place. Really though the courier driver should know that there is no f**king street number 2509 in the New Zealand townships and should further have deduced the address as 2/509. Some people really just don’t try very hard at life do they? 😀

So no writing today as we also attended the monthly Property Investors meeting this evening. There was a talk presented by government agencies about renting to beneficiaries. It was informative but kind of scary because beneficiaries can be pretty bad tenants. We talked at length after that with another investor who like us is just a small time investor. It’s good to know that not all investors want to buy the universe and rent it to everyone at a highly inflated cost 🙂

Oh, and the slice reference.. there was coffee and tea and.. slice!! And very good chocolate slice it was.. the ginger crunch wasn’t as good.


When Harry met Meghan

This morning at about 5:30AM Claire turned the radio on because she could not sleep. My ears were suddenly assaulted by the sounds of reports of the royal wedding between Harry the nazi dressup artist and Meghan the American tv bint. The coverage had started last evening at about 8PM and it was still going.. and these two meatbags still hadn’t managed to actually get married.. sheesh!

So I got out of bed because I’m really not a very royally kind of person (can you tell?) and watched some zombie television show on my computer.. a much more meaningful pastime. I later found out that the radio channel was having NO other coverage of anything but the royal whatnot until 1PM.. unless there was breaking news of national significance. Wow! What a waste of time IMHO. Now that they are married, the boys can get back to what they are usually up to I suppose..

Once Claire was up we went off to Clive and had a nice long walk on the stop-banks. It was a pretty good day and we stopped near the end for a wee picnic we had prepared. A very nice afternoon out it was 🙂

We also went and looked at another potential property to purchase, this time in Hastings. It was a pretty nice place but needed a lot of cleaning up and most likely better tenants. Ahh well, we are back off to Flaxmere later in the week to see what we can see.

I came to a grinding halt with the book this morning trying to explain LETTERBOX scaling and what happens with devices that have a different aspect ratio than the apps, ughhh. But after our walk I was able to break through and started to progress somewhat. I actually spent a lot of time on the walk thinking about said breakthrough.. shh.. don’t tell Claire 😀

Hey Hey, its Sunday so you know what that means…

With religion and royalty being so intertwined it is no wonder to me that they have the same basic belief systems and patterns of behavior..


And finally a quick peep to @totebo who suggested I try some online services to convert my EPS files to SVG. After a lot of searching I discovered more tutorials on getting old EPS files to work in InkScape and now I have it working! Thanks for the prod mate 🙂


Yesterday I spent some considerable time sorting purchased assets into logical folders.. what a mission. Then I began today to mess about with some of the assets. Unfortunately a large number of them are provided in AI and EPS file formats which do not open in InkScape.

After a bit of a google search it appears that InkScape only opens certain versions of these file formats by default and to get other versions (the ones I have) to open takes a lot of futzing about. So I futzed about but it still doesn’t load the assets. I feel slightly robbed!

My advice for anyone reading this post is if you see EPS and AI assets for sale (, don’t even go there! Unless you have paid a ton of money for a program that works with them.. like some Adobe pile of pooh.

Ahh well, a lessons learnt I suppose 😦

I got a good start on Chapter 2 of my book today, covering exciting topics such as Device Orientation, Logical Dimensions, and Scaling Modes. Thrilling stuff for sure. It has taken a couple of days to get this chapter started but now the book is beginning to write its self again 🙂


This morning I did my Friday housework and then mowed the lawns. It was pretty good outside and then just before Claire got home.. the sun went away, darnit! We had lunch inside then I spent the afternoon messing about with sorting out my asset collection. I have just so many things that I have downloaded from the internet and nothing is sorted into logical folders like characters, side scrollers, top down, etc. This is going to take much longer than downloading all of that crap 😀

I also wrote a bit and got started on the second chapter of my book. This proved to be kind of difficult but I’m sure it will begin to wrote its self again once I get a good start 🙂


Today I got to use a product that actually seems to do what it is supposed to. We have a few nasty dry stains in our carpet (that the previous tenants left behind) and the other day our flooring guy said that ‘Cavalier Bremworth Dry Stain Remover’ would get rid of them. Since it would be cheaper to attempt this as opposed to laying new carpet (bye bye thousands of dollars) we did. And.. It seems to have worked!

The process was spray, wait a bit and then hoover it up. The stuff is totally toxic and smells like oven cleaner. I hope I didn’t inhale enough to get cancer LOL.. knowing my good luck however.. 😀

Besides removing carpet stains I finally figured out how to make a table of contents in micropoop word.. what a pain in the ass if I may be so bold. If you change a style that your chapter titles are using.. every chapter disappears from the contents and you have to start over. Really.. micropoop.. get some real programmers!

Ha! like that will ever happen. There are still buggy things in winblows that have been round since windroppings95 😀

Still no box from crApple, I think I’ll be calling them again next week and asking them to get their act straight.


Well last evening I had my blog post all sorted out in my head. Unfortunately (possibly fortunately for you my valued readers) I forgot to actually make the post. Imagine my embarrassment when I logged into the blog this evening and discovered that. Please accept my humble apologies, I know you can hardly wait for your daily fix of my mundane existence 😀

Just quickly then.. last evening I was going to rant about crApple a little bit again. I had received an email with all the details for our friends iPad repair. crApple would have a box sent that I would then use to send the device to the service center for free! However because the call center is in a foreign country there is the language barrier issue so they transposed our postal address incorrectly! After a quick 45 minute phonecall crApple think they have their shit sorted and I should receive the box in a couple of days. If I was a betting man.. I’d say.. nah.. that box isn’t arriving 😀

Today I went outside to check the mailbox. No.. I wasn’t thinking that the crApple box would have arrived, I was just checking for bills and other interesting things like that. No bills today.. yay! I did notice the driveway was getting pretty slippery in places so I spent a good four hours on my hands and knees with a stiff brush and the hose cleaning the driveway. After that my arm hurt like mad for the remainder of the day (and is still very sore).

In happier news.. I finished the first chapter in my book (Creating 2D games with Gideros for fun and profit) which is titled ‘Introduction, setup, and fundamentals’. I still need to make a few more passes over it because there am sum bad grammarz in dere eh?. I also started messing about with creating the contents section, formatting the information and so on. I think I need to google ‘how to make a contents page in microcrap word’ 😉


Being Monday we attended coffee group which was great. One of our members Jeanette bought along her crApple iPad which had.. well.. crappled out. She had been reading an EBook in her Kindle App and suddenly the device froze. She tried to turn it off and the screen went black and refused to come back on. After googling a bit she tried some things she discovered on the internet which happens to have put her iPad info DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode . From this point onwards she has been unable to restart her iPad.

So I had a look and when connected to a computer with iTunes (looneyTunes I like to call it) it informed me that the device is in recovery mode and needs to be restored. Okay then following the restore process everything goes fine until the iPad reboots and then I receive another message informing me that the iPad cannot be restored unknown error(4014). Attempting to restore the iPad again just ends in the same result. Holy infinite loop issue BatMan!!!

So I called crApple who got me to go through all the steps I had already tried before telling me it would have to go to a service center for diagnosis and repair. They seemed fine that I should hop in my car and travel 122KM to the nearest service center. I told them that wasn’t happening and they would need to find another solution. After making me wait for ten minutes the lady came back and organized a pickup for me. I swear they just try to get you to pay yourself as a standard strategy.

Then she was a bit ‘umm’ ‘ahh’ about payment too which I again basically said.. ‘sorry sister.. not happening!’. Another ten minute wait and she came back and told me there would be no charge. Fuck I hate dealing with shit companies who always try to weasel their way out of their responsibilities under the Consumers Guarantees Act!

Still, this does not surprise me in the least because this is the company that was run by a guy who used to get a new car every six months so that he could dodge paying a tiny amount of tax! Well whoopsey.. cancer isn’t able to be dodged so easy Steve! Maybe you should have paid your fair share and the universe wouldn’t have sentenced you to death? Probably not.. but it’s a nice thought (for me at least) 😉

So that was an hour on the phone which should have really been only a 20 minute call at most. thanks crApple!!!

Besides that I wrote a lot about a few graphical classes for my book today, namely the Pixel and RenderTarget classes. Rivetting stuff I think 😀