Classic Rajasthan Day 13 – Pushkar

It was a 5AM start today and a long day overall. It’s past midnight and I am trying to upload facebook pictures. Claire wants me to turn the light out so just a quick post this evening (well it’s morning really). there are a few more albums over on my facebook page so head on over and check them out πŸ™‚

After a 4 hour train ride we arrived in Pushkar. It’s kind of a hippy place where loads of white shitheads come to find enlightenment.. usually at the end of some pipe.. puffing drugs. What aΒ  bunch of fucking losers.

Anyhoo.. went for a walk round town, had lunch, went for a Cmel ride (I’ll try to be more verbose tomorrow) and then out for dinner. So that’s it for now.. I can feel Claire might yell at me anytime soon hehehe, goodnight India!


Classic Rajasthan Day 12 – Udaipur

Well we went on our boat tour of the lake and it was really good. Some things we saw reminded us a little of a place in New Zealand.. the Chateau Tongariro, which is a very nice place to stay.. especially during the winter months when there is snow. The actual ride its self was slow and around the lake which reminded us of our previous holiday in vietnam where we took a 3 day trip on a junk in Halong Bay.

After the boat ride we went for our early dinner but of course the food took well over an hour to get to our tables. The food was good though and I had most of a curry with Paneer (cottage cheese) and I hppe I don’t regret it tomorrow. Claire had a Vegetable Lasagne because she isn’t feeling 100% still. we did both also have Pina colada’s and they were pretty good, not as good as the ones we had in Vietnam but still adequate πŸ˜‰

On returning to the hotel to settle our bill (along with two others from our group) we discovered the clerk at the desk rather out of his head on beetle nut we think because he just sat there chewing like a beetle nut chewer all the time. He had a really hard time making change for our two companions and it took nearly 6 minutes for them to settle up. I was kucky that we had the correct change. really I must say this is highly shit for a hotel that Intrepid uses. They really need to audit this place and reassess if it is still worth using.

Oh.. during dinner one other group member remarked that their toilet seat also refused to stand up LOL.

Well in the morning I’ll sit under the tap in the bathroom and have a hosedown LOL and then we are off to Pushkar!! Let’s hope the accomodation there is better than Udaipur.. lovely city, lovely people, lovely sights, lovely food, shit hotel πŸ˜‰

Classic Rajasthan – Catchup take 2

Some of the events below took place yesterday but I was unable to post because the internet in our current hotel is rubbish. There is a wireless router attached to the wall pretty much 3 meters from our room but even after powering it off and on again there is no internet connection. This hotel is shit.. period! The two young dudes at reception seem to be interested in watching music videos on youtube and don’t seem to understand much english at all unfortunately. At least they can decipher that we want our room keys!

YESTERDAY: Day11 – Udaipur

We left the palace this morning (as you do) in private cars. The car we were in was pretty new and the driver had left plastic coverings over some bits. This vehicle seemed to be his baby and he was very careful not to get it dented because from the looks of some cars in India.. you can get dented at anytime and from any direction. It was a very comfortable ride and about four hours later we arrived in Udaipur. We are staying here for two days at the hotel Shakar Kot and it has seen better days. Compared to all of the other places that we have stayed so far this is very bad IMHO. Other places had some quirks and minor annoyances but this place is run down and needs to fall over. We all arrived in the early afternoon and went to the top floor restaurant and the food was really bad. They shot themselves in the foot there and we are all going elsewhere for breakfast tomorrow. Our room has no shower and they will change our room tomorrow but really this place isn’t somewhere I would ever stay if I were booking myself. Bad stuff Intrepid!

We had a wee walking tour about the immediate area surrounding our hotel and this area is certainly different. Some lanes are so narrow that cars cannot even drive through them which isn’t too bad really. Some places even the Tuk Tuk’s can’t get to so it’s foot power.. or motorcycle of course πŸ˜‰

We went to a cultural show this evening and it was very good! We have been to other shows in different countries and always came away feeling a bit let down but this was fantastic.

TODAY: Day 12 – Udaipur

We went to a rather nice place for breakfast where they also managed to mess things up a bit. we asked if they had brown bread for toast but they said no.. only white bread, so we had white bread. Later some other group members bacon and egg sandwiches arrived on.. you guessed it.. fucking brown bread! We ordered Museli with fruit because we have really been craving some normal food. It turned out to be just a boxed Muslei but really.. it took nearly thirty minutes to get some Muslei from a box, into a bowl, and place it on a table? Other group members also ordered Museli a bit later because their meals were quite small. Their Museli arrived with fresh fruit on top! Arghhh! The Muslei was kind of sugary but still a welcome respite from banana on toast which is pretty much the only other option available in the hotels πŸ˜€

After breakfast we went to the City Castle which is really gigantic! The guided tour took over two hours so after that we were totally (I mean totally!) castled out. There are now days and days of photos that I need to sort and crop and post on facebook. It’s almost like my fulltime job when I’m not sightseeing or eating french fries (the only thing that seems to agree with our stomachs LOL).

This evening we are going on a boat ride on Lake Pichola which should be nice and relaxing. After that we are having an early dinner because we have an early start tomorrow.. we are catching a train to Pushkar. For this train journey we have to be ready to leave the hotel (good fucking riddance!) at 5:15am.. eeek! There will be no food that we should eat on the train so we went shopping this afternoon. we returned to the place where we had breakfast and after some lengthy discussion they made us two salad sandwiches on BROWN bread! They look fantastic and we are looking forward to scoffing them for breakfast on the train tomorrow.. We also went to a Germanm bakery and purchased Chocolate Balls which have chocolate, butter, coconut, and other naughty things in them so they will be great!

Well I’m getting sick of sitting in reception.. I’d rather be relaxing in our room. even though the bathroom basin tap dribbles, the shower doesn’t work, the back of the bathroom door has been kicked in and some plywood has been screwed onto the hole, the window vibrates with the AC.. it’s still better than sitting down here! did I mention previously.. fuck this joint?? πŸ˜€













Classic Rajasthan Day 10 – Bijapur

This morning we left the resort and drove to Castle Bijaipur which is owned by the same guy who owns the resort where we ‘glamped’. The castle is very nice and like Fort Madhogarh, almost every room is unique. Our room has a built in couch and stairs leading up to our bed.. it’s very posh! We also love the shower because this is the first one on this trip that has great pressure and very hot water, the latter part due to it having solar water heating.. fantastic!

Again, there is a pool here at the palace and we had a few swims throughout the day.. very refreshing. The food is okay but I really want something with tomato and cream and tofu.. like a Butter Chicken but with Tofu instead of chicken. I think that we may have come to the wrong part of India for that but I’m ever hopeful.

Tomorrow we leave Bijapur and head for Udaipur which is a larger city which means that there will be more restaurants that we can eat at. Eating at the places we have been recently has been a little challenging because although the food is all very nice.. it’s a buffet with pretty much the same 5 things. A wider selection will be greatly appreciated πŸ™‚

I have managed to post a couple of small albums on facebook and really need to catchup. It’s very disorientating when you are blogging about day 10 and posting pictures on facebook of day 5! πŸ˜€

Classic Rajasthan Day 9 – Bijapur

This is a small but late post as yesterday we had no internet access. This is because we were taken way way out into the countryside to the Pangarh Lake Resort where we camped in some lovely permanent tents. It was pretty much a relaxing day but no internet which was all good really. Sometimes it is nice to be forced to relax and not slip into bad habits like surfing the internet aimlessly for hours on end.

Health wise we are both feeling a lot better. My stomach is still a little grumpy but everything else is working as it should. We are now beginning to tentatively eat the local food so hopefully it will all work out! More later, right now there is a sunset to see πŸ™‚

Classic Rajasthan Day 8 – Bundi

Greetings from Bundi, a small Indian city of around 140,000 people. It’s very dirty here in the town but the traffic is lighter as the majority of people get about on motor cycles as opposed to cars. There seem to be more cows here than in other citiresand we got to observe them a little when we stopped to buy fruit. Cows in India seem to eat alot of trash.. that’s right.. TRASH! They wander about eating food wrappers a lot. Mostly they find a rubbish bin and start to feed. Even though cows are scared in India that doesn’t stop shop keepers (or their enforcers) whacking the cows (sacred cows mind you) with sticks to get them to move along.. usually to another shop keepers rubbish bins.

We travelled for another four and a half hours by bus to get to Bundi. After that I didn’t bother with lunch, I just went and lay down for a few hours. Later in the afternoon we went by tuk tuk to a few places on a guided tour. We visited the local fort as part of that and it was sad to see how run down(even for India) it is. Aparantly the king decided to spend his money building cimenas across the country instead of maintaining his fort! Kings eh?

It seems that ever ride we take, be it by bus, tuk tuk, or jeep turns my stomach around and around.. it’s not a nice thing. I hope I can start eating more than toast, banannas, and french fries soon πŸ˜€

I stiull haven’t been able toΒ  atchuip with my photos.. it’s starting to get out of hand. We have a 6:30AM departure tomorrow on a local train (eek) but I think I will stay up for a little while this evening and at lerast get some photos ready to upload to facebook. It’s kind of hard to get stuff done when there is only internet in the receptionΒ  areas. Eventually however I’ll get them all uploaded πŸ˜‰

Classic Rajasthan Day 7 – Ranthambore

I’m fairly sick now. I have stomach cramps and diorhea which is always not fun wherever you are. It seems that i have travelled half way around the world to eat french fries and toast because I think that is all I am going to be able to stomach. What a shame. We have seen a lot of lovely (and horrid) things in India and it is a fantastic place. The food however does not seem to agree with me. Give me a New Zealand curry any day please!

We are enjoying the actual country quite nicely but personally I don’t think I would return anytime in the future unless I could bring enough food for the entire trip πŸ™‚

I’m now getting behind with my photograph albums on facebook but I’ll do my best to catchup πŸ™‚

We left Jaipur early this morning and after a 4.5 hour trip arrived in Ranthambore and checked into the Raj Palace Resort which is a pretty fantasric (albiet quirky) place to stay. As with all bathrooms in India the process of having a shower is rather precarious because everywhewre we stay there are marble floors which are terribly slippery when they get wet and there is either no shower curtain or the shower curtain does not reach the floor.. which of course causes the floor to flood πŸ˜€

Anyhoo we had lunch (not great) and then went on a Safari Trip into the ranthambore National Park, where you can sometimes see Tigers! Our trip was pretty long (about 4 hours) and about 20 minutes before it ended.. we saw a 3 year oild Female called Arrowhead, just strolling down the track toward us. She didn’t move away but kept coming as most traffic does in India and refused to give way. Our coach backed up andas she advanced and we took photos. My shit lens showed just how shit it was but I havent had a really good look at my photos of her yet so I’ll reserve the final decision for tomorrow.

Tomorrow we are off to Bundi and we don’t leave until 10Am! This is very nice and we are looking forward to a little sleep in. for now I need to return to our room and my new best buddy.. the toilet πŸ˜‰