Green Thumb

Today I got the lawns mowed and removed a pesky native tree from our garden. Now that it is gone Claire will plant something nice in it’s place. Whilst we hate chopping out living stuff.. it was a pretty crappy tree that should in all honesty be classified as a pest.

Besides that.. yep.. played Path of Exile 😉



Monday is Coffee Group so that is where we went this morning. Then this afternoon I played a bit of Path of Exile. I also Gimped some graphics up for the endless runner prototype which I had a wee look at also.. but the graphics sucked and even though @totebo has given me some kind words about it.. I’m still not liking that prototype at all.

I will however keep it in the current projects folder and whittle away on it over the coming weeks. First I want to see if this platforming prototype is going to be any good 🙂


Today I played Path of Exile again. We managed to figure out more of the new league mechanics but really it would be better if there was documentation to support it.. a bit like a lot of things these days 😉

So that was fun and tomorrow morning I might play a little more and then I’m working on the platform prototype and thinking more about my own ARPG which i’d like to be really popular like Path of Exile. I think one issue is that my ARPG will be a mobile game where people generally want to play those things at their PC or console. I feel however that there is an actual market for a decent ARPG on Android because really.. I haven’t seen one yet.. and I’ve looked.. a lot! 😉


So today I played Path of Exile and the new league called Betrayal. It’s okay but I think GGG need to fire some of their testers and hire some people who actually know how to play the game LOL. Oh well it’s early days and it was good to play online with a mate so yeah.. tomorrow is Path of Exile again 😉

I did mess about with the platform code this morning while I waited for the Path of Exile servers to be ready and got the jumping and falling states implemented. Maybe I’ll do some more tomorrow.. probably not 😉


Today I mucked about with sloping platform collisions in a new platform prototype. I’ve used some old code from Grotto Escape and now have it mostly up and running with solid tiles working as intended. I need to get the slopes working next and then we shall see how it progresses from there.

However, tomorrow a new Path of Exile league starts so I’ll probably spend the day playing that. I’m hopeful that a few mates might show up online too since that always makes things more fun. We’ll see 😉


It was Thursday here so housekeeping soaked up my morning. It’s all good though because I quite enjoy thinking about programming problems whilst I dust, hoover, and clean everything in our house 🙂

However I’m in a really low motivational place currently when it comes to programming and specifically regarding the endless runner prototype. I’ve added a double jumping mechanic and some more obstacles to jump over but I’m really not enjoying playing the prototype at all still. I’m still trying to decide if I should continue with it but if I ditch it, what then?

I’ll mess about with sloped platforms which I’m sure has a more elegant solution than my ugly brute force one currently uses. I’m still not even sure how to make the system work correctly with multiple layers of platforms. Ahh I suppose I will figure it out soon, or just find something else to do.

On other fronts there was a new release of Gideros today which really didn’t include anything that made me even mildly excited. I dunno, maybe I’m just being more negative than usual but it’s hard to get interested about features that aren’t going to actually assist me in making better games. Oh well, that’s just the way it goes I suppose 😦

Yes No Yes Yes No

Today I have been thinking off and on to ditch the endless runner. It’s looking a bit better now but I’m still not actually enjoying playing it, which is usually a sign to ditch it. I’ll persist for another day or two but hmm. I have added a double jumping mechanic to it and I also came across an interesting programming challenge that I’m really not up to solving (at this stage)…

If the player is running at say 100 pixels per second and I apply a force to make it jump, then it jumps a certain height and then falls back to earth because gravity is sucking it down constantly. This is great and the players jump distance is say 200 pixels. But when the player is running at 1000 pixels per second, that same force causes the distance of the jump to be around 800 pixels. I’m sure there is some silly math that can solve this but it eludes me currently.. I’ll google some stuff tomorrow maybe 🙂

Besides that I messed about with sloped collision code with the end goal of using them in a platform based jumping game. Since reading pixels in Gideros is kind of slow (@hgy29 explained why to me) I have to create all of the collision data for the game in a separate application which is aptly named ‘jumping Platformer Collision Generation’.. fancy huh? Check out this image which represents a set of test tiles for the prototype platform game..


The image contains a number of 128×128 tiles. For each tile in the image I first read the top left pixel of the tile. If the pixel is green then the tile collides with no other game objects, if the pixel is blue then the tile is a solid square, otherwise the tile contains a slope. To get the slope I read all pixels of the tile and then for each column I scan down each row until I locate a red pixel which indicates the ground level of the slope. It’s pretty simple but works well.. after @hgy29 helped me understand the return value of RenderTarget:getPixels() 🙂

Once I have created a big table of the required data I print it out and then copy and paste it into the actual prototype codebase. It’s a shame that Gideros can’t do it in realtime (yet).

Now that I have this data I can start messing about with the prototype and get some jumping action happening! Before that however I will have to figure out how I am going to manage the game world, which will be quite large. Everybody I have talked to about it seem to think that a Gideros TileMap is the way to go and since I have a TileMap manager class I think I’ll give that a go first. I’m just concerned about how much RAM the world data is going to consume 😉