I was beavering away today at the interface code I have been working on recently. After half a day of messing about I think that I am going to have to transplant everything into the main Ghost Road codebase because I seem to be migrating code the other way and that is not good.

So tomorrow I hope to get the new code into Ghost Road and then work on the new character creation interface. Hopefully early next week I will have the entire new character creation and saving stuff working đŸ™‚

I played a bit of PoE today too and it is amazing how fast the economy in it becomes buggered. For the last few days I have been flipping items and it’s made me some currency but at the end of the day all the good items are stupidly overpriced and I haven’t a hope of ever getting one of them. Well PoE it was fun for five or so days but really..

I am determined to make my own ARPG game not be so.. unrewarding.


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