One Wonders

Sometimes I ponder deep and meaningful subjects.. like where the f**k puts my posts that I carefully edited, posted, and then saw on my blog the previous evening! It is becoming most a-typical for google stuff to be broken. I think I will have to be terribly drunk before I hop into one of their self driving cars, that’s for sure!

So let us not bother ourselves with too much detail from yesterday suffice to say it was a painful day trying to parse XML files. XML stands for Extensible Markup Language and it’s a file format invented by Microsoft so you know it’s pretty s**t by default 😉

So today I finally got everything happening with the XML parser code I found online. I have now got all of the Gideros API Reference files (that’s documentation to you normal folks) loaded, parsed, and saved as JSON files. It has been quite a large task really and I’m so glad that I don;t have to go cross eyed anymore trying to decipher XML bulls**t 😀

However when Gideros encodes a Lua table into a JSON string it also minifies it, which basically means it takes out all extraneous whitespace and linefeeds, essentially turning it into one line.. and a very long line when it is a large table 🙂

So because of this we will need an editor that can modify the JSON files so I have started on that today in Visual Basic. I can hear you groan from here “oh my invisible sky wizard.. not!!!” but I have it installed and I can make t do what it needs to do without too much hair tearing. I know it would be better created in some cross platform open source jazzy thingy whatsit but unfortunately I don’t have one of those (nor can I find one).

So tomorrow I will potter on with VB.Net and see if I can get the editor working!


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