Bad Code Day

Today we went for a bicycle ride and had coffee. Most of the rest of the day was filled with frustration. First I discovered that the JSON library I am using (which is recommended by microsoft) has an issue with long filenames. It took nearly the entire day to figure this out because it is so broken that even when you enclose the code inside a Try/Catch block, the error is not caught and displayed. Damn it all to heck!

Once I figured that out and resolved it simply by storing my JSON files in a folder with a shorter folder path I came across another interesting problem, namely that the JSON deserializer is pretty lame and cannot manage to recreate nested arrays very well. At this point in time I have not discovered a solution and I’m pretty furious that there are companies out there producing such broken s**t. Really it’s a continuation of the past week and different companies that present themselves as awesome companies, but really producing crap at the end of the day.

There’s not much more to say about today except that I’m almost ready to throw in the towel with regards to this document editing fiasco. Maybe I will just keep my XML parser and whenever a new version of Gideros is released.. use it to convert the XML files from Gideros to my own file format which will f**king work to specifications 😉

And while we are talking about rubbish, let’s end our week with this…



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