Whats in a name?

A lot actually! Today I was talking to Claire about my VB.Net woes and I had an idea that I could manually create a test object in VB.Net, serialize it, then deserialize it. This would be a good way to see what was happening.

As it transpires, during creating the test object I got a load of errors about missing class members. It turns out that some of my variables were not spelled correctly, for example some mName variables were called nName. Once I got these all corrected the test object serialized and then deserialized… and I could access the deserialized data structure!!! I tested with my own saved JSON files and they suddenly worked!

Now this is really fantastic because now it all works. But the error messages I was receiving (for two days) did not even hint that there might be a missing class member. With so much error checking and debugging built into things like Visual Studio, I tear my hair out (literally) trying to think how they can fail constantly with something so simple. Oh well, f**k that s**t eh? 😀

So after all that hassle @hgy29 has said he would rather just edit the JSON files in GitHub hehehe. I wasted a bunch of days but I learned a few things along the way so its not all doom and gloom. Onwards and upwards!!!


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