What the WWW?

I got the new website working perfectly today but as it transpires it only works in Firefox (which I was using during development) but not IE or Chrome. What the WWW?! Now If I have a web page and it adheres to all the so called standards then why the f**k doesn’t it work the same in all so called standard compliant browsers???

So in case you didn’t know dear reader, there are these things called standards, and everybody in the computer world interprets the standards however the f**k they feel like. Now does this sound just totally bat s**t bonkers to you? Because it sure does to me!

This just serves to remind me how f**ked up and slack the world of computers really is. For example; If every company in the world that made 1 meter rulers decided to make their 1 meter rulers different lengths, nobody would stand for it. There would be huge outcry and the companies would have to come into line and… ADHERE TO THE F**KING STANDARD!!!

Which makes me wonder why giant corporations like microsoft, google, facebook, twitter, etc can not understand that a f**king standard is to be adhered to! These companies are run by morons! There can be no other explanation for it! It is no wonder that most things never really work as it should in the world of computers, and believe me because I’m an IT guy and I have seen day in and day out the same old s**t in the computer world for the last 15 years or so.

Anyway that’s enough salt for today, I better save some for tomorrow eh? 😉


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