A Tangled Web

All pages on the new Gideros website have been now recreated using static HTML pages. It’s kind of boring I know, but at least these pages flipping work!

I spent a lot of the day trying to get something that I would consider simple working but it didn’t turn out to be easy at all. What I want is a two column layout. In the left column will be a folder like tree containing all of the names of API’s and their associated methods and so on. In the right column will be displayed the API documentation for whatever node is selected in the left hand pane. Now I have this working but I want to be able to dynamically resize the columns and that is where the dirty world of css hacks and javascript enter the fray.

I find it hard to believe that in this day and age (it’s 2018 right?) that simple things like these are not yet implemented in pure HTML. In fact if you want to detect when a page element is resized in HTML then you are s**t out of luck unless that element is the document (the highest level of element *sigh*).

Oh well nevermind, I’m learning more and becoming a little better at CSS, JAvaScript and HTML in general so as long as there is learning it is all good 😉


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