Syntactic Overload

Wow! Yesterday I thought that splitting a string up into a bunch of words and then gluing them all back together in a nice fancy HTML string would be pretty easy. This unfortunately is one of those times (that’s most of the time) when I was absolutely incorrect.. it’s really damn hard! I now have a better handle on how it might be accomplished but for now I’m going to shelve this because…

  • Getting it working will soak up a few entire days.
  • The API Reference already looks pretty good.
  • There’s way too much other website stuff to sort.

I’m a little disheartened about the response thus far on the Gideros forums about the new website. It seems the few people who have replied want all manner of whacky stuff included.. things I’m really reluctant to include.

In the Gideros Slack channels the other maintainers have been pretty stand offish, except for @totebo because he’s always there to give an opinion and assist!

With these points in mind I will continue on but really I am beginning to lose motivation. I’d much rather get back to NanoTron or Buzzy Beez, or any of my book. We will see how this pans out but it currently looks destined to fail 😦

Anyhoo it’s Sunday so you know what happens now… we ponder the great mystery that is religion…



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