So Close…

I’ve been chatting to @Atavismus in the Gideros community Slack channel regarding the website upgrade. He has been quite motivational and providing valuable feedback which I really appreciate. So today I have been upgrading the API Reference because that;s what we discussed this morning, before Claire and I left for Coffee Group.

The API Reference is nearly working perfectly (in FireFox at least) and I’m confident that I can get it perfected tomorrow. I’ve redone the style sheet attached to it so the layout and colors are much nicer. I’ve also added links directly after the class description so you can more easily navigate to the different methods. That;s working really well and I’m pleased with it.

Another uphill battle in the Gideros Forums today. It seems that nobody gives a s**t about the Gideros Website and they just want all manner of stupid crap (IMHO) added to it. I guess they just don;t see the website’s purpose as I do. Oh well sometimes you have to go with the flow?


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