Sometimes reality knocks on the door and whatever enjoyment you were having.. stops in short order. This was the case for me today and it looks dear readers that I’m going to have to get myself a job like 99% of the other poor bastards out there in the world. I suppose it was too good to think I could laze about all day programming games and stuff without actually making any money from it. I suppose I can say that I have been there and done that (not the money part however LOL).

As a slight reprieve I’m going to work on my book for a couple of months more and if that has not eventuated, or has eventuated and generated no income, it’s back to the 9-5 grind for me I’m afraid. I really find it all very not motivational 😦

Apart from that s**t cake I discovered that in the API Reference if you make the window quite small then the nav bar at the top of the page changes size. This had the unfortunate side effect of making the column layout do odd things *grr*. I’ve fixed it now and it works as intended. Always test thoroughly 🙂

There has been a bit of feedback in the forums about my API Reference system and people seem to want it to function in ways that it was never intended to. I suppose I’m just too simple minded because I find it a real pleasure to use. Oh well I guess you can’t make all of the people happy all of the time right? 😉

In other news Claire sold her house in Kapiti! It’s not a done deal until next Tuesday but nonetheless it’s pretty good news (for her anyway). So we are going down to Kapiti to visit friends (regardless if the house sold or not) so it should be a good weekend.

There is news about our kitchen issues and our dodgy electricians also but I’ll get to those next week 😉


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