One Step Forwards

Sometimes it feels like I go backwards more than I go forwards. @keszegh in the Gideros forums mentioned the API Reference does not include events! It has Methods and Constants but not Events! As it transpires, the XML file I used to create the initial documents did not include any Events and that is why the API Reference does not contain them… DOH.

Well it is good that he mentioned it and now I am well on the way to resolving that. He also mentioned (as well as others) that the new API Reference does not allow linking to specific classes and methods. It actually does but the link will open the class page in question and the folder tree in the left column will not be present.

Today I worked on that issue and I have it sorted. inks like this will take you to a specific method inside a class, and have the folder column available. It’s some pretty good magic IMHO šŸ˜‰

I also reworked the column resizing code and there is now just one function that manages that and that function is called in different places in the actual script. I’m very happy with it now.

We arrived in Kapiti this evening and tomorrow we will catch up with friends and go to the house that Claire sold and replace a lightbulb, because you know.. tenants are sometimes not very good at such menial tasks šŸ˜€


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