Sometimes I wonder

Have you ever had an experience where you told somebody how something worked and asked them to not proceed until it had been tested completely, and then the person went ahead anyway and then when it was tested it turned out that you were right all along? Yep that’s how things go sometimes.

Anyhoo besides having one of those moments today I improved the API Reference even more. This time I modified the code so that if the columns have been resized, they don’t auto resize back to a 20/80 split when the user clicks a new class in the folder tree. Now I’m confident (yet again LOL) that the API Reference is done.

I need to do a little coding in Gideros tomorrow to separate the XML conversion code from the rest of the document generation code. This will be required for when the documentation is stored as JSON files, instead of XML files.

We visited with friends here in Kapiti today and it was good to catch up.Tomorrow we will go and get a few things from our house and then off to Waikanae to stay the night with more friends šŸ™‚


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