It’s Good To Be Back!

Yep we are back in Hawkes Bay. After saying our goodbyes in Kapiti we headed home and man it is just so warm here! Not long after arriving home we got a call from our best friends here in Hawkes Bay, Fiona and Walt. They have suffered a tragic loss in their family, and our thought are with them. It’s all a bit sad here right now and they will need to head north in the near future so we will go and house sit for them and take care of their dog Buzz.

So yeah a bummer all round really, nobody likes tragic news like that 😦

I did work a little in the website upgrade this evening whilst trying to not remember how bloody hot it is right now! I started work on the “Guide” or “Getting Started” page which will guide the reader (could you guess that already?) through the process of installing Gideros, installing the player on their device, writing some Lua code, testing it on their device in the player, and finally exporting it into a finished application that can be installed on their device (which basically means runs on their device without the player).

Phew! That’s going to be a really long road I feel and I’m going to see if I can get some assistance from other Gideros community members. I’m totally not going to hold my breath there though 😉

Oh hey.. I forgot it was Sunday yesterday. but better a day late than never right? (yeah that’s a pun since this god thing has and will never turn up LOL)…



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