Well dear readers I might just try and give you a little roundup on how our tradesman battles are progressing.

The kitchen people installed our kitchen and we were happy until we discovered our pots would not fit in the purpose made pot draw. On measuring it, it was 100mm smaller than the one we had signed off on. This is quite annoying because when you sign the document it clearly says “No changes to be made after sign off”. After a long time we got the owner of the kitchen company to visit. He seemed to take it all in his stride and is willing to put everything right at his expense.

There are quite a few things that need to happen to rectify this situation…

  • The entire floor needs to be ripped up and a new one laid.
  • The shelves above the bench all have to be thrown away and remade.
  • A good portion of the bench top needs to be thrown away and remade.
  • Some electrics need to move 100mm and the holes where they were repaired.
  • Some plumbing also has to move 100mm and the holes repaired.
  • The drawers in question need to be thrown away and remade.
  • Other things need to be thrown away or cut down.

So you can see there is a giant amount of waste being produced, not to mention the upheaval of having the actual work carried out.

So we came up with another solution. The kitchen company fixes the shelves that were badly made from the start, and we accept a payment to keep the kitchen as is.

To us this is a good solution mostly because we are quite green and hate to see such waste. We feel that this is a good solution for the kitchen company because they don’t have to pay as much to us as they would have to pay to have the work carried out. Their employees can also be better put to use on other jobs than demolishing our kitchen 🙂

The owner said he would think on this and get back to us the next day but it has been a week and one day now without a reply. I’ll send him an email tomorrow and see what he thinks.

Then there is the total fiasco with the electrician we hired to do our electrics.. but that’s a story for another day, good evening;)


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