It took how long?

I spent pretty much all of today pulling everything out of the garden shed and then putting it back in. As well as all of the current stuff in there I have been putting stuff from inside in there too, namely tools and paint. I didn’t even manage to get it all done but tomorrow I’ll finish that task off.

The main reason I am doing this (well it needs doing anyway) is that we have been bringing stuff back from Kapiti and the hallway was getting blocked with junk heheh. So now I am almost at the point where I can access the remaining decking timber so I can finish the deck.

My arm is still f**ked and I had a MRI scan on it in December. Next month I go back to see a specialist to see what can be done. There’s a procedure called an acromioplasty where the surgeon removes a small piece of the surface of the bone (acromion) that is in contact with a tendon causing, by friction, damage to the tendon. The last person I spoke to said it was not often successful but after six or so years of this condition I think I’m ready to try anything. Successive steroid injections haven;t worked and either has Physiotherapy so let’s cut me open and fiddle with the bits inside please 😀

In the meanwhile my doctor has prescribed me lots of drugs (just Diclofenac, an anti inflammatory and pain killer) so I’ve been taking those every day and my arm feels like it’s all good to do some more renovations so let’s get into it 🙂


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