Uber Monday!

Wow, it was a long coffee group this morning. We didn’t get home until nearly 3PM and we left at 11:15AM. Oh well that’s how it goes I suppose. there was a lot of catching up to do after we missed last weeks group due to being in Kapiti.

I’ve got more of the guide for the website done and I’m rather pleased with it. The last bit is the tricky part.. explaining exporting to devices. Personally I can only test and verify the methods involved for Android, all other platforms are a mystery to me LOL. I wonder if some brave soul will take up the challenge and create these important documents for other platforms. Personally I won’t hold my breath 😀

So since I forgot to post last evening I better post something to do with religion. I found a good one this afternoon and I was wondering myself, what will people of the future think about religion…



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