I’m quite disappointed that there seems to be nobody in the Gideros community who is willing to assist with the website upgrade. There are no end of ideas and expressions of what people don’t like, but no offers of help. I decided that this being the case that I would have to get an apple computer to fill in the gaps.

I don’t have any money anymore so I decided to set up a Virtual Machine on my Windows10 Desktop PC, and what a f**king mission, and besides.. who wants to give apple a damn cent! It took the mashup of 4 different web tutorials and a couple of hours of googling for solutions to all of the issues experienced during installation but after nearly an entire day it lives!! My very own apple computer!

However then I had to download Xcode, the apple developer system. 5.5GB for a flipping IDE? I screamed “YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!?” but of course they were. Once I managed to find a direct download link for it (because the apple dev shop is so stupid) I went to install it. I went to unxip it (why the hell they can’t just use zip files like every other person in the sane universe) but that wouldn’t work because my virtual HDD was too to expand the install file! Again I screamed “YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!?”

I found out how to resize the virtual drive image but that totally failed to begin with because all of the stupid flipping tutorials said you should make a fixed size image, which is what I did. Of course this kind of image cannot be resized… “YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!?” But I managed to find other help on the internet and cloned the image and resize that image (ohh so dynamic), and then got it reattached to the actual virtual machine. Huzzah! Success! My celebrations were short lived however.


For some strange reason the apple diskutil application refused to let me grow the size of the boot partition. After googleing for an hour and trying multiple different fixes I gave up and just made a second partition for the development stuff. Finally I managed to get the xip file expanded and run the installer. But of course this version of Xcode does not work with my version of crapple OS so as I write this a 2.4GB update is downloading and will install whilst I sleep. This is not the entire truth because I downloaded the 10.13.2 update and it installed whilst I was making my post. Then I went to install Xcode again and it failed with the same message! Back to the updates app and now I retire for the evening with 10.13.3 downloading. This had better work!

At the end of the day I’m not overly impressed with apple at all. I think this interesting picture that I found on the internet says it all really…



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