After hours of p***ing about trying to get crapple os to update I flagged the whole thing and just downloaded an older version of Xcode. This worked and it’s now up and running. I downloaded Gideros and have that installed too so hooray, some success at last.

Another thing that I do is maintain a wordpress site for our friend Alan. I make sure everything is updated and backed up and take care of any other little issues he has with it. Originally it was not designed for mobile devices so it looks REALY bad on them. The theme he purchased hasn’t been updated for 6 or 7 years now so we have to find another “responsive” theme which means that it works on mobile.

I have to ask… Who the f**k comes up with these stupid words? For a theme that adapts to any devices screen I would think the word “adaptive” would be far better. When I hear “responsive” I immediately think about performance, not screen size. I guess some numpty dumpty somewhere brain farted it out and all the other numpty dumpties thought it smelt nice and it just spread like wildfire because well I’m kind of sure the world is populated by roughly 95% numpty dumpties.

So Alan’s site is The Kapiti Independent News, a fantastic little online news source by Alan and some others. Alan and his wife Helen both used to work for the BBC in journalism at one stage in their lives FYI.

To find a new theme I can;t just be messing about with his site whilst his readers are trying to devour content. Instead I had to create a duplicate site on my local network and carry out my tests on that. I can tell you it wasn’t as easy as copying and pasting a few files LOL.

Anyhoo.. I now have his site mirrored locall y and am trawling through themes to find one that is similar to the one he currently has. It’s hard work because there are like a trillion or so themes available for wordpress 😦

Alan would also like an App for his site. This is intriguing to me because I make Apps. Unfortunately however Gideros has some basic URL functions to get and post stuff to sites but can’t actually display web content. I will be thinking about this a little in the next few months though 😉


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