Respond M#$%^^&%#@$R

Today I accompanied Claire to one of her cleaning jobs (at a holiday house) which seems to have become just a thing we do on Saturdays now. I don’t mind it that much and it is an interesting insight as to just how grubby some humans are.

The people who had been staying seemed to be really into potato chips. I found them everywhere.. Under the seat cushions, on the floor, in the bedrooms, outside, everywhere! It amazes me that some humans seem to lack the general skills to get their food into their gobs. Maybe they had children but really.. I have to say.. grubs!

Then I have been experimenting with wordpress and in particular responsive theme design again. I discovered there is a fantastic feature in FireFox that lets you test responsive design and wow.. it is f**king is stupid! I mean it does work kind of but it doesn’t fool the DOM that you are testing on a mobile device so any code you write specifically for mobile.. well.. it doesn’t f@^king work! Here’s an “e” for effort Mozilla, back under your rock!

Just before posting this (and heading to bed) I discovered an interesting CSS feature (viewports) that alows you to get dimensions relative to the device dimensions. I’m excited to see if they work how I think they do (or at least should). I’ll continue the experiment tomorrow. Anyhoo, who the f**k would be a web designer?!



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