The Tangled Web We Weave

Today we transported our bicycles out to Clive and then went for a very nice ride out to Clifton. We stopped in Te Awanga on the return journey and had our packed lunch. Ahh, very relaxing 🙂

Then we got home and I got back into web design. Man I wonder if the suicide rate with web designers is as high as dentists and lawyers, if not I’m surprised 😀

After a whole afternoon and most of an evening I have discovered these fantastic CSS things called @media tags. They allow you to detect different resolutions and change content based on them. Really cool if somewhat “kludgey” they are proving to be quite good in my quest to create a really adaptive (because f*%k that stupid responsive word) wordpress theme for Alan’s website.

Sometimes I ponder (well okay I ponder a lot but who’s counting) how real scientific things in the history of the universe fit in with religion, then I discovered this enlightening image that explains it all very clearly…



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