Menu Mania

Today we went out for coffee, but what else is new for a Monday right? It was an exceptionally good coffee this morning however 🙂

For the rest of the day I messed about with Alan’s WordPress theme and it’s really shaping up nicely. Everything except the menu system is working well and that is odd because I thought mashing some menus in would be easy. Oh boy, was I incorrectamundo!!! In the end I have resorted to using a 3rd party plugin which seems to be working as intended.

Tomorrow I will begin the tidyup phase of this project which I fear will take some time because the original theme (before all my messy crap was added) was super bloated and really an example of how to pretend to write a professional theme, without actually being professional about it 😀

Anyhoo I will share this site with you sometime in the next few days as I mash up a test site for Alan to peruse.


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