CSS Señor

I get to pondering about people sometimes. Why would you make a WordPress plugin that you want people to pay for.. and make it infuriating to use and have it missing basic features it should include by default? Well go f$%king fish dear reader.. I really don’t know! If you have a WordPress site then go here and try this plugin. If you don’t tear your hair out within 5 minutes, well come to Hawkes Bay and I’ll buy you a beer (or other beverage of your choice)!

I’ve started looking today at how to optimize Alan’s WordPress theme. I discovered that the theme uses this all seeing all barking dog CSS file by the coders at twitter (so you know it’s full of s#$t right there!). The think is 147KB in size and has around 8000 lines of CSS code. This is really fantastic if you are using all of that s&@t but Alan’s theme is using maybe 100 lines of CSS from this file at most. This is a very large amount of bloat and I’m wondering how the hell I can get rid of all the extraneous crap that isn’t required.

It does seem to be a recurring theme these days.. everybody is assumed to have unlimited storage, unlimited RAM, unlimited CPU speed, and unlimited money to buy anything they need. Well hey giant mega corporations.. NOT EVERYBODY HAS A SQUILLION DOLLARS TO BUY ALL THE BEST TECHNOLOGY TO RUN YOUR BULLS@^T!!!

Apart from these minor hassles the theme looks pretty good on both desktop and mobile platforms. I guess I will slap it up live on the ‘inturnetz’ and see what Alan thinks… in a day or so when I’m happier with the menus 😉

And wow, how many times do I have to remind myself..Press the damn publish button when you are done editing the post!!! 😀


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