Clean it!

It’s Sunday so we went and cleaned up the mess left behind by some random humans at the holiday house. This particular tribe of wombles had a child that…

  1. Really liked Rice Bubbles (a cereal made from puffed rice). This was deduced by the fact that the whole house was now populated by rice bubbles.
  2.  Liked to put it’s sticky little paws all over the flat screen television screen.

The parents weren’t much better. I have no idea what that stain was on the bed but *ewwwwww*. Then they did not have the basic decency to wash their dishes before leaving, or even rinse them and put them in the dishwasher!

I really am beginning to dislike people in general more and more. They mostly seem to be grubby little gremlins who couldn’t give a flying hoot about anything other than stuffing their fat pie holes with food (which half of the time they miss) and leaving messes everywhere they go. So to put it politely.. f**k them and the lame horse they rode in on. I wish them a merry trip and hope that they die in a house fire somewhere.. preferably somewhere where I don’t have to clean up after them!

What are your thoughts on people in general? Do you like people? Do you dislike people? Would you rather they all walked head first into a rather large industrial grinder (see The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 10 to know what I’m talking about) and were turned into sausage meat? I’d like to know..

I continued with my writing this afternoon but didn’t get very far before discovering that micros**t word is a pretty piss poor program and not really suited very well to writing about programming. Either that or I’m really terrible at micros**t word (which is more likely) 😉

Getting code segments laid out and whatnot is quite important. I’d rather not have typed a zillion words and then have to format them at the end. Better I think to have something ready from the start and format as I go along. It’s all learning though and even though it’s annoying.. it’s fun at the same time (if that even makes sense).

Some good friends of ours recently suffered a death in their family. That is extremely sad for them (and those who know them) and as far as we know they are not overly religious. I wonder what happens when somebody dies in your family and you are deeply religious. Here’s a thought…



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