Today I worked on the deck extension outside. It’s been a while and there isn’t much left to do but my shoulder and elbow are now just starting to feel good enough to work outside again. This isn’t some magic healing process but the result of taking drugs that have now built up in my system and make me able to do normal things.

Of course this is probably very bad because the problems are still present, I just can’t feel them very much. Oh well I don’t have much choice in the matter since we need the outside stuff finished.

Really this is however a rather everyday example of the sh***y health system in New Zealand. You have an injury, the doctor doesn’t really know what the hell they are doing, they refer you to physio, that doesn’t work, they schedule you for scans, and then you get to see a specialist.

In my case this has taken years to get to this point. You see in New Zealand you get a referral in the health system and they have to see you within 3 months, but they always seem to only be able to see you in the last week within that 3 month period in my experience. If they somehow don’t manage to see you.. well you get a new referral. There’s my tax dollars at work right there, helping me stay on endless waiting lists.

I’m nearing the final hurdle in this monumentally slow race as I have a specialist appointment at the end of this month where some dude will look over my MRI scans and tell me what my options are. From previous conversations with other random dudes it seems that surgery is the last option available. It is not always successful but hey.. what the f**k else is in the whacky world of medicine?I suppose we will find out what the verdict is in a few weeks 🙂


Oh, and between working my computer spent the entire day downloading and installing windows updates 😀


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