Round and Round

I tried multiple times today to get some tax information into amazons self publishing system and every time it just has a wheel icon going round and round for five minutes, and then it timed out. I’m starting to think the universe wants me to do something else with my time 😀

We went out and brought a Silk tree today and in the next few days we will plant that in our yard. I suppose in about 5 or so years it will be large enough to provide some shade in summer 😉

Oh hey! I completely forgot to mention the big new Gideros feature that was announced the other day.. FaceBook Instant functionality! This is pretty big for Gideros and FaceBook apparently like Gideros. So basically you can use Gideros to develop FaceBook Instant games which you play in messenger or something.. I don’t know exactly how it works 🙂

Whilst this is a great addition to Gideros and may bring new community members I personally can’t see any use for it myself. I can’t stand Facebook as it is so can’t see myself even bothering.

The best thing about this new feature is that Gideros has had an upgrade in its HTML5 capabilities so it’s a lot faster now and it might  be time to start looking at HTML5 as it was always a bit slow until now 😉

I need to get my book done first but that’s starting to become a bit of a vertical challenge for me. We’ll see I suppose.


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