Passing Things

With the recent release of the ability to create FaceBook Instant Games using Gideros has seen no real push by the dev team to show users how to capitalize on this fantastic new feature. @totebo has made a quick tutorial and posted it in the forums but there is no example project included with the new Gideros release and no tutorial on the website.

The official announcement of all this cool stuff will be made the the GDC (Game Developers Conference sometime tomorrow and Gideros should be mentioned by name, along with a bunch of other frameworks that are partnered with FaceBook Instant Gaming.

If in the next few days developers start coming to the Gideros website to evaluate using Gideros for this very purpose and there is.. well.. nothing there, then why would they even bother staying? Personally I’d go through the partner sites and find the ones with tutorials and examples and start with those, because in theory those would have the most potential to slingshot me into getting something quickly published on the FaceBook Instant Gaming platform.

I really hope that Gideros doesn’t lose out to other frameworks with this, I’ll cross my fingers and pray to the invisible sky wizard (or one of the many other mythical beings that supposedly exist in the clouds above us) for a good outcome 😉

Oh, we went out for coffee as we do every Monday and then this evening we went to a property investment meeting over in Havelock North. It was pretty interesting and we might join up to become members. There was no coding or writing today 😦


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