Looks Good

Today I lined the trademe drawers with off-cuts of Lino that we had leftover from when our kitchen floor was laid. I reattached the handles and then dragged the whole thing outside and took a photo for you (ain’t I just so nice?) Here are two photos, one before (well I had sanded the top and one side before I remembered) and one after it was completely sanded and oiled with Linseed Oil (fantastic stuff!!)


I think we paid $65:00 for these drawers and it took me a day to sand and oil them. I reckon they look really good now and at last we have a set of drawers that fit in our bedroom. And even better.. I might get the bottom draw for myself!! Bonus πŸ˜€

I did some coding today too which was so good! Mostly I was hacking away at an old prototype that seems to be a good base for the book project that I have in mind (it has something to do with teleporting). I’ll slash away at it tomorrow and see what it morphs into.

I was also looking at a bunch of other things too. I found Buzzy Beez which is a 90% complete product that I might change a little and release soon. I also found NanoTron 3195 which is only about 25% complete but also deserves some attention. Maybe I could release one (or both) of these games as projects in my book?

Does anyone have ideas of what kinds of games should be covered in my book? Currently I’ve got a simple dodge and collect game, a vertical scrolling shootem up, and a puzzle based platformer.


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