I went and helped Claire with one of her cleans this morning. These people are very much the opposite of the people who holiday at the cottage.. they are rather clean. It was not too arduous to vacuum and mop their house while Claire took care of the rest.

For the rest of the day my elbow was very sore but that didn’t stop me coding and Gimping!

I had a good play with shaders today, namely one to add a pseudo 3D effect to sprites using normal maps. Everything went fine until I tested the code on my devices. On the Nexus 4 it worked fine but the frame rate was very low so it looked a bit more like a slide show. On the Pixel C it just doesn’t work correctly. This indicates an issue with OpenGL on that device. I don;t know if it will ever be fixed in Gideros but really.. if it doesn’t work on my low specced Nexus 4 I’m really not interested.

So I worked more on the prototype teleporting game for my book and I discovered that it is quite similar to Buzzy Beez! I then got side tracked and thought about how many variants of Buzzy Beez I could make and then I Gimped most of the remainder of the day making ‘Space Rescue’ graphics for it. They didn’t turn out too badly but it was possibly a terrible waste of time.. but fun šŸ™‚


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