Over the Hill

We went into Wellington today and saw Victoria University where Sophie is studying. That place is huge! Whilst we were there we came across no less than seven cafes and an uncountable number of vending machines where you can purchase all manner of cheap carbohydrates, sodium, fat, and of course our all time favorite.. sugar!

It really seems to me to be a bit of a giant money making operation as opposed to an educational facility. I’m sure there is a lot of learning happening but at the same time I think there is a lot of ‘Bums on seats’ mentality happening there. Oh well, I suppose you will soon need some meaningless degree or whatever to even be considered to operate the deep fryer at McDonalds 😀

This afternoon we traveled to Martinborough to visit Claire’s sister Leonie and her partner Shelley. As per usual Leonie prepared a virtual feast for us and it was a very enjoyable evening.

On the trip from Wellington I noticed a very steady stream of expensive cars and motorbikes (being ridden by middle aged men with penis issues most likely) heading back to Wellington. Martinborough you see is kind of a place where there are wineries and cafes and not much else. In the weekend all the rich Wellingtonians pile over to their weekend houses, eat and drink the weekend away, and then head back to the big city.. refreshed for another week of corporate bullshit exploiting their fellow man and of course the planet in their never ending quest to own everything!

Tomorrow we will head back to Hawkes Bay. I’m looking forward to that as I have a specialist appointment on Tuesday and a ton of coding to do. In the meanwhile, let’s observe this holy day with a little reflection on what religion really is…



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