It was rater misty here in Hastings this morning. By mid morning that had burnt off (in the space of a minute) so we packed up and went to the beach for the afternoon. We had a nice long walk along the beach and Claire felt recharged after the whole affair. I found it was great but I’m not as ‘beachy’ as she is so it was just a nice day out for me. sometimes I think I need to be in touch with my feelings more 😉

We packed everything except the kitchen sink.. err.. and the damn camera! I took a couple of photos on my crappy phone and was about to post one when I discovered how totally s**t Googles photos app is. I don’t see why it should take a million swipes and touches to send it via email to myself! Oh well, that’s Google for you 😀

We have now also decided that we want to visit the beach more often and possibly for entire weekends! That should be interesting, my technology really isn’t fond of all that sand.

I got a bit more writing done but mostly it was more mashing the failed website guide into the book. I’m looking forward to getting into some code and writing about that!


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