Today marked the start of daylight savings in New Zealand so our clocks went back an hour. the whole day seemed a bit off because of that.. but not only because of that.

We were going to buy some bread from a local supermarket but of course it is shut because it’s easter Sunday, yay f**king hooray. Instead we cycled over to the Sunday Farmers Market, which wasn’t closed because a bunch of brainwashed humans belief that a guy died and then came back to life and then rolled a giant boulder out of the way and then ascended to heaven (fictitious kingdom in the clouds).

Anyway we tried some local produce and brought some bread, as well as some wine too (hurrah!!). Later in the afternoon we went to view a house that we might potentially purchase. Unfortunately the neighborhood the house is in is.. well.. crap, so we won’t be purchasing that house. We will find something eventually 🙂

The rest of the afternoon saw some chores being done in preparation for tomorrow when some of the members from our Monday morning Coffee Group are coming over to our place for a pot-luck lunch. That should be really good, Claire has made a fantastic pasta meal with egg-plant and other goodies. Who knows.. there might even be a glass if wine 😉

That means that today saw no work on the book (booo!!)  but fret not, there is a load of stuff in my head just waiting for me to type it out 🙂

Let’s end todays randomness with a little thought about easter and religion…



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