Oh my word!

Today was one of those day where everything pretty much went wrong. That’s not entirely true because my real life was pretty good today but my computer life was f**ked. If I ever attend any kind of technology event and meet anyone who contributed to Microsoft Word I’ll have to do a quick Jean Luc Picard impersonation..


Utmost respect to all the hairless people in the world (maybe they have wigs to replace the hair they pulled out) who have managed to use Microsoft Word to actually create and publish a book using the excrement it creates.

I had terrible trouble trying to get Sections working and then once I figured those out I could not get headers working correctly for use with odd and even page numbering. Once I got to grips with that I discovered that the template I was using was corrupted somehow and the headers would never work again. What the total f**k!?

I downloaded a fresh template and painstakingly copy and pasted my book contents into the new template. What a mission! After that the template seems to be behaving and I was able to resolve my header issues.

But I had to try and print out a PDF to see what the book looks like currently and wouldn’t you know it.. everything turned to custard! Microsoft Word doesn’t have an option to print the paper size I have chosen so I have to use some custom setting. This does not work because the PDF printer does not support this size so everything prints out incorrectly. I lost a little hair over that one and the neighbors heard some interesting words!

Tomorrows mission (maybe I’ll get off lightly and die in my sleep) is to find the best match paper size that is supported by default by both Microsoft Word and my PDF printer, and then.. yep you guessed it.. transfer the entire book contents to another f**king template!


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