Short but sweet

I was thinking about the code I hacked together last evening for @Paulo777 to help him understand Sprites and whatnot. I thought I could use something similar as an early example in my book. So today I began coding a similar game to Falling Animals which will be a lot simpler under the hood and not have as many features as Falling Animals, but it will be a super example.

I was going really well until I got sick of looking at colored squares (yawnage maximus) and began searching for free graphics that I could use instead. After an entire day I have a collection of graphics and sounds that I’m mildly pleased with. It took a lot of Gimping to get everything how I wanted it (or at least to look acceptable). So far it is all panning out and tomorrow I can really get coding.

Oh, the game has something to do with Ninjas.. ciao for now 😉


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