I found a really cool website called Openclipart where you can find heaps of non animated vector graphics for free. I downloaded a really cool background for the example game that I am working on and it is very cool. I decided I would attempt to make it into a parallax scrolling background and that is where the troubles began.

Why the hell would any sane person create such a fantastic nightmare of overlapping shapes, duplicated shapes, and not make any of them into logical groups? After four hours I got the different layers separated and now it all works in-game as a parallax background. It needs a little tweaking but it looks pretty nice. If you followed the link above just look at the image and think how you would split that into layers.. I challenge you to get it split into seven layers in under four hours 😀


I spent today (apart from Friday house cleaning) coding, InkScaping, and Gimping. I also spent a fair amount of time trying to find music that matches the game and that really is a drain on my sanity reserves. I have a couple of tunes that will suffice even though they aren’t perfect. It sure is hard finding perfect music that is free and can be redistributed with just a credit somewhere.

Tomorrow I hope to code more 🙂


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