The weather here was rubbish today. It rained pretty much all day and it was cold. So I spent a lot of time sitting at my desk coding which was fantastic fun! I have the game example for the book almost complete. All that needs to be added now is the Google Play stuff, which is probably the least fun part of any game project 😀

I added a whole bunch of different things to the game today and most of them looked crap and didn’t work as I had thought they would. I settled to keep the 3 hits and then you’re dead mechanic with hearts that drop so you can replenish your health. That makes the game kind of easy but it’s an example game and it’s made to while away the hours anyway 😉

I’ve started making the Play Store listing and it seems that every time I go to the Developer Console it is different. I wonder if Google will ever get it right 😀


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