Today I quickly mashed some old code into the book game example to handle leaderboards and banner adverts. That wasn’t very difficult, what was however was getting the game published to the Google Play Store in a testing capacity.

Most times I go to the Google Developer Console.. it’s different. It’s really damn confusing not being able to find things you took hours to find the last time you published an app. Oh well I think I have it working now and overall the latest incarnation of the developer console isn’t too bad once you get into it.

Today I added a multiplier mechanic to the game. Every ten seconds the multiplier is increased by one (to a maximum of 10) so each fruit that the hero eats is multiplied by that when scoring. It’s a lot better and it rewards people who don’t get struck by the enemies so much šŸ™‚

Not much else happened today except that we discovered that it is not the Reserve Bank of New Zealand who are morons.. but KiwiBank! We feel mislead by the bank and we will be reviewing our continued patronage of them when we sort out what we are doing. More on that as it unfolds šŸ˜‰


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