Ana now…

We wait. Yep It takes a long time for anything to happen with the Google Play Store. Admittedly I’ve been messing about uploading and deleting and doing all manner of stuff in the Developer Console today but the example game that I have published just hasn’t shown up there yet. Hopefully it will be there tomorrow and I’ll share a link for you all to give it a try šŸ™‚

While I wait (I’m so impatient!) I’ll begin making the code a lot tidier and documenting it. This part of the book writing process is going to make or break it. I really prefer writing code and I’m not looking forward to hours of frustration in micropoop word. Oh well, fingers crossed. Really though.. I’m eager to get cracking on the next example game.. a SHMUP! šŸ˜‰

Claire emailed the CEO of KiwiBank yesterday regarding their refusal to loan us money. The “Manager of Direct Lending Team” Matt called me today and explained it all for me (more or less). It turns out that our loan proposal looks good on paper but according to KiwiBanks (rigid stupid pathetic poxy etc etc) policies on loaning, they are unwilling to loan us money. The reason is that if something goes wrong.. we won’t have the money (income) to cover the repayments. It matters not if we have a mortgage free house already that we could sell, or that we have substantial savings.. nope. not good enough for those wankers.

So we are now on the hunt for another bank or lending institution who hasn’t got their heads in the sand to loan us some money. It’s more of a hassle to have to fill out forms and stuff but we are confident there is another place willing to loan us money (and by osmosis earn a large amount themselves). Once that is done I’m all for sticking my fingers up at KiwiBank and moving all of my accounts elsewhere.. stuff those turkeys šŸ˜€



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