Its just a step to the left..

And you must know the rest of the words in that song right? Today I was beginning to fumble about in word and I suddenly found myself sidetracked searching about formatting in that terrible program whence I came across articles about creating books in HTML. This piqued my interest and I  immediately wasted several hours reading all about it. As it transpires.. it isn’t as easy as it seems and I think I will stick with poxy old micropoop word for now 😀

But now I’ve discovered that the book example game (Ninja Fruit Master) is now finally available on the Google Play Store! Click the banner in the right column and give it a whirl, Id love to know what you think. A review would be good also. Keep in mind that this is a simple game (well they all are right? LOL) to serve as an example for purchasers of my book so there’s not a lot of flash stuff in there 😉

I’m pretty pleased with how Ninja Fruit Master turned out and I think I almost like it as much as Falling Animals. I have had a lot of ideas on other themes that could be applied to this game and a few expansions as well. I have those noted down and who knows what the future might bring..


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