I spent a lot of today attempting to work on  my book. I got lots of little bits written about a lot of different things but nothing really solid as of yet. Writing books is damn hard 😀

Harder still is wrestling in micropoop word! I really began getting to grips with making diagrams in word today using the built in shapes and so forth. Oh boy, what a mess. I have a few things created now and I’m thankful that there is at least the ability to group shapes together 🙂

I began making a few new classes for the book code library today too. I experimented with different scaling options and have decided to settle on letterbox scaling as well as using getDeviceSafeArea() to obtain coordinates outside of my normal screen resolution (after scaling has taken place). This works pretty well and the code is better by far than the 100 or so lines I previously used for scaling.. now there’s 10 lines 😉

The weather was rainy and grey here in Hastings today so we didn’t go out and do anything. This was fine for me because I’m always happy to be at my desk working on a game or my book. There are a few good days coming up next week so we’ll make the most of them and hopefully go for a bicycle ride 🙂


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