Today I really got into writing. I wrote a whole lot but eventually reduced what I had down to the essence of it all. Maybe I’m getting the hang of writing.. we shall see. I do feel that I’m getting to grips with micropoop word a bit more. Its still highly annoying to use but at least I am tearing at my hair less and less 😀

We went out to Flaxmere today to look at properties in the hope that we might find one to purchase. When we first came to Hawkes Bay we had looked four times at Flaxmere and each time we came away feeling kind of dirty. The houses there are mostly low quality (what one home builder refers to as dog boxes) and most of the area is populated by low social economic brown skinned people.

Almost every house seems to have a huge gate creating a compound containing dodgy looking dogs. I have never seen so many dogs behind gates! The scary places have plastic and other material covering their 3 meter high gates and you wonder what the hell goes on back there.

We looked at a few places and it was quite depressing to see the end of streets black with burnout marks and people walking about during the day down the street carrying boxes of beer and drinking as they wombled about. Little children zipping across the road on their scooters without even looking in front of our car makes us sigh. I suppose the parents are at the TAB or getting boozed somewhere.

We went into the local supermarket and it was pretty grim. It reminded us a bit of a Rarotongan supermarket (but way worse). It is interesting to note that supermarkets always place “impulse bins” full of the s**t they want you to “impulse buy” on the left as you enter the store. This joint just had masses and masses of colored sugary soft-drinks. It’s no wonder the residents of Flaxmere have an obesity issue when their local shops are programming them to buy sugar loaded drinks on every visit. There were loads of unsavory people about in the car park, mostly in cars smoking cigarettes and looking very grim.

We really tried to see positive things but at the end of the day.. f**k Flaxmere. I feel sorry for the poor downtrodden souls that drift about there. Society is totally f**ked and the government (not just the current one) just continues to fail the people it is supposed to be supporting. F**k the government, if there’s ever a bunch of wombles that needed to die in a house-fire.. just saying.

There are plenty of flash looking churches out in Flaxmere though, because god likes to prey on poor brown skinned people. I’m sure these poor people give a lot each week and for what… their assured continuing existence in a f**king roach motel in Flaxmere?

Anyway It is Sunday.. “His day”.. and he can f**king keep it because you know… religion is a pile of steaming horse s**t, better dumped on your garden than being swallowed yourself. But let us conclude this post on a happier note…



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