wash yer windows missus?

The weather was very good today, a nice 24 degrees and sunny. We went over to the cottage and cleaned the windows inside and out then came home and chilled out. Then around 3pm we went to look at a little 2 bedroom unit a couple of streets away from our house. The place is small at only 60m² but it’s rather nice. The seller wants too much for it (well they would want as much as possible right?) and we want to pay a bit less (again.. of course)  so we might try to meet him kind of half way. We need to do a bit more research on the house first regarding legal requirements about some dodgy old wiring that is present and about some plumbing work that will be required too. then maybe we could purchase this one.. I would be happy 🙂

I started thinking about the code that is going to be distributed with the book and decided it would be a good idea to begin going over old code and making sure it is fit for purpose. I came across the Particle class which is one of my oldest classes and one that needed a bit of attention. It has had pretty much a complete overhaul and is probably performing a little slower now but has way more options, which in turn allows much better particle effects to be displayed.

On the old Nexus 4 phone with the 512 particles active the device lags a little but not too badly. On the Pixel C tablet however it just runs silky smooth 😀

I got the blank project templates up and running today also and am very happy with them. More tomorrow..


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