The write stuff

Today was a good writing day. I got a lot of stuff down about Bitmaps and also the basics of the event system in Gideros. I’m very happy with what I achieved, even if it is only a couple of pages šŸ™‚

I made another pass on the Particle class today as well and that’s a little more optimized. I started looking at the sound code that I have and I think I will re-code it from scratch and create two classes, one for the actual sound effects, and another for managing collections of sound effects. Quickly looking at the music class has made me realize that that is probably the weakest class I currently have and it will require an entire re write.

We also got some good news today.. a local building society will loan us money! Now we can get a mortgage on a slightly classier house than the ones we have been looking at. Now we just have to find something that will work for us šŸ™‚


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