Vector schmector

This morning I went to the dentists and got slightly butchered. This is the first time I have been to the dentist in Hawkes Bay and she was in my opinion a bit on the brutal side. I said I had cracked a tooth (I cracked it over a week ago) and she found something that needed filling. I think she didn’t actually resolve my original issue.. instead found what she thought was the issue and fixed that. I had no idea about this because for about 5 hours after.. most of my jaw was totally numb, man she pumped the pain killer in there LOL.

That would have had to be done anyway but I need to call next week and hopefully she can give me a free followup (but I’d be surprised because everything seemed to be rushed to get the next victim into the chair). We shall see..

So I did more writing today and got some stuff out regarding more movement methods. I’m now a little stuck with explaining vectors but I’ll get onto that tomorrow 🙂


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