Back Home

This morning we went out for breakfast, after taking a long walk along the Napier foreshore. The cafe is called Faith Love Hope and it’s a quirky place. We had a voucher from grabone for 2 breakfasts. The food was okay but if I was paying full price I would not be impressed. It seemed to be our weekend for stale bread as the toasted ciabatta was pretty bad. We liked the interesting venue but would not return.

We wombled about town for a bit and visited the local museum and another art gallery. Then we headed back home via Havelock North to help our friend Fiona with some technical issues (computery crap) and had wine and nibbles.

It was a pretty relaxing day all in all but no writing or coding happened so not the most productive. This coming week sees some real life work on the flat, fixing a few things in the bathroom but hopefully I will get some coding and writing in, we’ll see.

With all the rain we have been getting recently, and since it is Sunday today.. I think this is an interesting image..



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