Episode IV – Return to Flaxmere

Well we went and looked at another house in Flaxmere this afternoon. It was nowhere near as bad as the ones we looked at a week or so ago but it was still pretty grim. As you can imagine the house looked a lot different than the photos and I wonder when those photos were taken.. not anytime in the last couple of years I’d wager.. What a shambles!

I really feel that real estate agents are some of the most dishonest people out there, right along side used car salesmen and actually… any salesperson, they are all f**king crooks IMHO.

Why endlessly waste peoples time getting them to turn up under false pretenses and then faking ignorance about the glaring issues with the property. The real estate industry in New Zealand is fairly much unregulated so I suppose it isn’t a great surprise that there are such dodgy people working and running that particular industry.

Did a little writing today and finally managed to get a little bit written about 2d vectors so I’m getting ever closer to some more fun subjects 😉


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