All the right angles.

Last evening I went to bed annoyed that I couldn’t make my game objects rotate correctly. It was late but Claire gave me a back-rub (a rare thing because most evenings I’m the back rubber, not the recipient). Whilst I was receiving my fabulous back-rub I thought about my rotating object issue and after about ten minutes a solution popped into my head. In the morning I implemented and tested, and it works!

I must remember more often that when I am facing a programming issue and the solution won’t present its self at the keyboard.. leave the keyboard and go and do something else for a while.. and more often than not.. the solution will appear!

Most of the day was spent scraping, sanding, cleaning, and undercoating the bathroom ceiling in the flat.. hard work! Tomorrow I hope to get a couple of coats of paint on it and fix up the damaged wallpaper on the walls 🙂

This evening I’ve gone over the code I made this morning and optimized it. I’m very happy with the new function that I’ve created. Now that I have that sorted out I can start writing a little more about vectors and then get onto the Camera class!

I’ve also finally made Alan’s new web theme live on his site! It’s looking pretty snazzy IMHO.


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