Time seems to pass rather quickly sometimes. Today got sucked away in the flat working on the bathroom. The ceiling is finished and the top of the shower is repaired but I’m not overly happy with the end quality of it all. If and when the tenants move out I’ll redo a lot of the work that I’ve been doing in the last couple of days. Next week I have some more work to do near the floor where the wallpaper has begun to also peel away from the walls. Why the hell do people line bathrooms with wallpaper anyway? 😀

I did a little writing about types of game objects and types of games today. It took a while to get going but once I did I was off at a gallop. I also pondered more about the camera class which is is the next thing to be introduced in the book.  I’ve looked about and there are a couple of pretty cool camera classes out there written in Lua. Neither of these are made for Gideros but they could most likely be merged and then mutated into a Gideros compatible class. Still, I know what the class needs so it will probably just be easier to write my own anyway 😉


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