Coffee Group

Hang about I hear you ponder.. isn’t coffee group on Monday mornings? That is true for Monday morning coffee group but now we have another coffee group to attend. Recently Claire and I joined the Hawkes Bay Property Investors Association and apart from the monthly meeting there is also a Saturday morning coffee meet-up on the first Saturday of each month. so we went along this morning and had coffee, as well as talk to other people about property investment.

Personally I’m feeling a little odd about the whole thing. Claire and I want to buy a property and rent it out to support us in our retirement so we would have the flat attached to our house, another rental, and could possibly rent our house out whilst we travel. This seems pretty good to us and not so greedy. A load of people we are meeting at NZPIF meetings have tens of properties and they like to talk about their yields and such. It kind of makes me a bit annoyed that there are people really doing their best to own the entire world. I can not understand how so many people want more than they even need. I am regretting joining the NZPIF now and I won’t be signing up for another year. Personally I feel Claire and I are not greedy investors, we are just trying to make our retirement comfortable.. and not by being slum landlords. Some of the places people own and rent out are pretty bad.

This afternoon I spent a lot of time tidying up the spare room (aka junk room) because Claire’s lovely sister Leonie and her partner Shelley are visiting on Monday for a couple of days (it’s Leonie’s birthday on Tuesday so we will go somewhere nice). Tomorrow I’ll do a bit of tidy-up outside and then maybe get some coding in 😉


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