Knife Attack!

Today was a relaxing day and I didn’t do much of anything but get a bit of coding done. I optimized the camera code and it’s working better than it was. It is also a load tidier also.

There was a post on the Gideros forum today from @Apollo14 who is having issues creating a prototype game like ‘Knife Hit’. I hadn’t seen this game before and it’s very simple and quite neat. It is riddled with soooo many adverts however that I find it unplayable.

Anyway @Apollo14 was  having trouble making his knives stick to the wheel and rotate correctly. His entire code was pretty shabby (heheh) but I mashed a solution into it that works.

I got to thinking about maybe making something similar to this game myself so I spent an hour or two and came up with something basic but similar. I will think more before I commit to creating a cheap knockoff however 😉

So since it is Sunday and all, let us all gather round and give a little well deserved thanks to Jesus..



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