This morning we went up to Napier and took a long stroll along marine parade. Then we drove to Mission Estate and had a long and fantastic lunch for Leonie’s birthday. Everybody enjoyed their food and the wine was really good.. but then again, it always is at Mission Estate! After lunch we went to the top of Hospital Hill and walked about for a bit taking in the vie of Napier from on high. It was very pleasant.

We got home around 5PM so that was the day done with pretty much. we had leftover soup and toast for dinner and more wine.. and some pudding too *oink oink*. A fantastic day it was!

I managed to get a little coding in and the knife hit clone prototype is working really well now. There’s a rotating wheel in the middle of the screen and you tap the screen to throw knives at the wheel. When knives hit the wheel they stick to it and rotate with it. If you throw a knife and it hits another knife.. that’s game over.

All in all it’s pretty cool and I’ll improve on it in the next day or two. I also better get back to writing my book!


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